Brazilian Tour Groups

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Other
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The title might be named South American Tour Groups instead, because not all the tour groups people talk about at Disney World are from Brazil. Even though a majority are from Brazil, you will see a lot from Argentina too. Some vacationers try to avoid these groups in the Winter and Summer. The busiest time for tour groups is from mid-January to mid-February and July. These groups are primarily teenagers but you may see mom or dad there too. The groups are easily recognizable because they all wear the same color t-shirt and are following a leader with a flag.

I’ve read a lot of negative stories on various Disney forums about Brazilian Tour Groups. Some refer to them as a BTG. I think these groups get a bad rap.  Few take in account the cultural differences. I personally have a personal space about an arms length when there’s a lot of space. I’ve found most Brazilians have no issues with personal space. Stand beside a group of Brazilians at Disney and you may feel like your part of the group. In recent years Disney has taken steps to educate large groups of the behavior that is acceptable at the Disney parks.

My last trip to Disney our family was sitting next to a Brazilian tour group at Epcot while waiting for IllumiNations. Some of the group looked quite tired and one girl was sleeping on the hard ground. Most were just visiting. The girl turned around and hit me in the leg with her foot. The first word out of her mouth was “desculpa” and then “I mean I’m sorry”.  She turned different shades of red. You might be surprised how many Brazilians know English or at least some.

There are some that complain about the groups sing or chant. This is not every tour group and is a rare thing to experience. I’ve never heard a group sing or chant on an attraction, at a parade, or during fireworks. When I have seen the groups sing and chant, they have been encouraged to either by their group leader or a Disney Cast Member.

Don’t be fearful of the tour groups. Some people even like these groups. They add a festive feeling to the parks. These groups are so excited to be in the United States and going to their dream vacation. In the last few years, there has been a huge increase in Brazilian families at Disney parks. Judging by the parents age, some of these are the kids from the 90’s who have returned to share the same experience with their children. Learn some Portuguese and you will meet some of the friendly tourists you will ever meet.

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